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Agent 21 @ SpyOnVegas.com April 30, 2012 2

…when you’re having fun and this month flew by. It was a busy month getting ready for upcoming events, entertaining friends (there is always more visitors when the pool season starts) and of course spending time with my local friends. The best thing or maybe it could be a bad thing is that I remember it all. I like to get in a drink or two (or four) but I always manage to keep myself under control. Most likely because I am busy making sure my friends stay in check or stay long enough to sober up and drive home. Even if I do get wasted beyond oblivion, I always remember what I did and said the next day. I have hardly ever blacked out when drinking. I think the only time I have was once, for a couple of hours but we had video of the night (not that kind of video) so I was brutally reminded. This past weekend I am lucky to have remembered it, even though some of my friends didn’t.  That’s why they are lucky to have me to remind them of all the details!

Friday, the SpyOnVegas Hot 100 kicked off at Wet Republic, with only thirteen more Fridays to go, the weather was perfect, clear skies, 80 degrees and a very light wind. Twenty-three girls showed up to compete for a chance to place as a finalists as one of the Hot 100. As the pool filled up with guests the competition got started. After a quick introduction, the girls were interviewed one on one with the judges, with one of the judges being Miss Nevada International, Kari Anderson. Thirteen girls placed with Tyler Suess from Rockford, IL placing first winning $1,000 for the weekly prize. The competition ended around 4:30pm and I went home to take a nap to prepare for the night ahead.

As I am always up for birthday celebrations, I had two to celebrate that night. The crew met up around 10:30 to head into 1 Oak Nightclub at the Mirage to party. Cee Lo Green was preforming later that night so we checked in early to avoid the crazy line. So many people were there and the line started at the club and wrapped around all the way to the atrium. After downing two bottles of vodka everyone was pretty much at their peak. I managed to stay sober but still enjoyed the celebration. Things got a little rough when one of my friends realized her iPhone had been stolen. We frantically searched for it but were unsuccessful in finding it. That is something that may happened unless you are watching your items closely in packed club. I prefer to stick to a Blackberry because no one is interested in stealing one of those. As the crowd scattered, I went to find my friends to say good-bye, because after spending all day at the pool, I was beat. As I was just about to walk out, Cee Lo stepped up to the stage to perform. I love seeing performances in clubs. Don’t get me wrong, a concert is always enjoyable but sometimes it gets a little boring after thirty minutes, for me anyway. He sang three of his hit songs and got the crowd pumped up; it was a perfect ending to a perfect day.

Saturday I took it easy. I didn’t get extremely drunk Friday night, but my body was still feeling the effects of having a few drinks. I tried to sweat it all out at the gym, which always helps. I ended up at my friend’s house, Bellins, to barbeque and somehow got suckered into playing a drinking game. We played “20.” I have never played it before, but it was tons of fun. You go around in a group counting 1 through 20. Each time you go around, you replace a number with an action or a different word. You have to remember the change or you are forced to drink and the game starts over. It was hilarious as we tried to find funny things to make each of us as embarrassed performing actions or saying something stupid. We were laughing so hard that tears were streaming down our face. I only survived two games until I hit a wall of fatigue.

Sunday came too quick; I got up early to head to Marquee Dayclub with my roomie. We walked in right up to the bar and kicked off the day with a shot of the new Ciroc Peach with a splash of orange juice. It is a dangerous shot because it doesn’t even taste like your drinking alcohol. If you have ever tried Peach-ohs gummies, it tastes exactly the same. Insomniac Events, the producers of Electric Daisy Carnival, and Marqee have teamed up to present Wet Wonderland, a unique pool event featuring top charting artist and performers. Kaskade kicked off the first event and it was an awesome party. I use to work at Encore Beach Club when Kaskade had his residency there. I always enjoyed working those days as the crowd piled in, but I must say the experience at Marquee Dayclub was completely different. They incorporated eccentric dancers and provided a strong visual effect with a giant LCD screen right about the DJ booth so even those standing at the back bar could still see everything going one.  On top of that, every time the beat climaxed in a song they would drop snow, bubbles or have the water splash up in the pool. It got the crowd involved and increased the energy level overall. It isn’t a surprise the competition of two power heads in Vegas created an unforgettable experience. My roomie had spent most the day in an cabana drinking champagne and enjoyed front row seats to the show.

As we didn’t feel like ending the day we headed over to Tao Beach to meet up with some of my roomie’s friends. I kept myself in check as I knew I had to work early. My roomie got a little wild with four shots of Ciroc Berry. After an hour I knew she was done for and it was time to take her home. She can party like the best of them, but spending the day outside in the sun can make anyone a little drunker than they’d expect. I got her home and as I was carrying her upstairs to our place, she fell back; I went to catch her and ended up getting pulled down landing face first in a pile of rocks where she landed on the side. We lay there for 30 seconds in severe pain I then realized how many of neighbors saw the catastrophe and quickly got up. She wanted to lay there as her head was in a lot pain. I got her up and put her to bed. Just proves that drinking too much can get a little dangerous sometimes even with the people that are sober! When she woke up, I refreshed her memory of what happened and at least we could laugh about it.

I just wrap it up as another crazy weekend living in Vegas. Thank goodness I am going out of town this weekend so I will get a little break. Then again, it will be a mini vacation so it could get a little wild. I just prefer to live my life as if it’s my last. Not to mention I won’t be in Vegas forever so I should take advantage of it while I can right? Don’t worry though, Vegas is still stuck with me for a while.


  1. Leonard May 2, 2012 at 11:32 pm - Reply

    I enjoy your stories, as I have many of my own. I come to Vegas on July 4th weekend every year, so I know of what you speak.

    I’ll be curious to see how things go (daylife and nightlife) 2 months from now.

    Does 1Oak still have the same floor plan as the old club in Mirage? (Forgot the name). How is the crowd/vibe. It was falling off the past few years.

    Tell your Roomie that in the daytime it’s a Marathon, not a sprint.

  2. Agent 21 @ SpyOnVegas.com May 3, 2012 at 6:58 pm - Reply

    Thank you! :) 1 Oak basically has the same layout except the main bar is moved to the left and the house room was taken out so it is more open. :

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