Don’t Get Blinded by the Lights

Agent 21 @ March 29, 2012 1

Let’s be honest! People come to Las Vegas to do things where they can’t do anywhere else. When they are here, they can be anyone, have any job and be from wherever they want to be. This is the City of Sin where possibilities are endless and everything goes unpunished… at least that’s what they think. Among the sinners are devils and enforcers that can put a reality check on their fantasies. When you live here for some time, you see and hear a lot of things tourists don’t. You get to learn and know when people are good or bad. I can give tips on how to have fun, where to go and how to save money, but tips on what you need to watch out for may not be only thing you really need to know.

Las Vegas is a city that has laws and enforces them to the max. If you get arrested in the city, you will be either taken to city or county jail. If this happens, you have a lot better chance with county than city. If you are arrested on the weekend, you are stuck there until Monday when the courthouse opens for your hearing. The county jail is a lot better at letting you go on your own recognizance, meaning you promise to come back at a later time for court. You can be released within twenty four hours of being arrested. The city jail is not so great and you may end up being in until Tuesday. Jail is not fun in Vegas because they will stick in a cell with some pretty scary people. Thankfully I haven’t experienced this, but my friends have and the stories they have told me make me never want to.

You can be arrested for numerous things, but two of the biggest are prostitution and drugs. People come here thinking that all nightclubs are down to party and don’t care if guests are doing drugs. That is huge myth. They have people stationed in every guy and girl bathroom that specifically watches for it. If they see anything (including trying to pass anything under the stalls) you will be immediately taken by hotel security. You will have to fill out a report and you will be 86’d from the property. Sometimes they call the police depending on the situation. If you don’t have any drugs but think you will find some by asking the help you will also be thrown out and 86’d. When I worked as a bartender, we were told to report anyone that asked or we would lose our job. Trust me; no one is worth losing your job over. The other myth is that prostitution isn’t’ a big deal here, it is. Prostitution is illegal in Clark County so that includes Las Vegas. Don’t assume a girl walking alone in a casino is a hooker and don’t assume a hooker isn’t really out for more. Some are stings set up by Metro and you will be arrested on the spot. If it’s someone offering sex in exchange for money you might want to think twice if it’s worth it. A lot of them are a set-up, looking for wasted or a naïve people to take up to a room where they can jump them, beat them and rob them.

Sometimes that may not be your intention and you’re just looking for fun people to party with. If you wouldn’t trust a stranger in your own town, you definitely shouldn’t in Las Vegas. There are people that prey on tourists here. Look for warning signs and go with your gut. Most are in the right sound of mind during after-hours of partying, but some things are pretty obvious. If they are very persistence about getting you up to their room or especially going up to your room, think about if they can outnumber you or if they were to do anything could you defend yourself? If they are asking you about money in any sort of way or if you’re wearing something expensive and they ask if it is real, if they are sizing up how much you’re worth then you need to be suspicious. If you go up to their room and they offer you a drink with a bottle that has already been open or you didn’t see them make it, don’t take it. The same goes from when you’re at a table as well.

Las Vegas does offer a lot of fun and great times, but it can also be very dangerous. Whatever the reason you come to party, just make sure you are being aware of what is going on or have at least one person you can trust do so! As we say at… party with caution.

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  1. Erik Stone March 30, 2012 at 9:24 am - Reply

    And for locals, DUI’s are a big one.

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